2024 Hyundai Santa Fe

2024 Hyundai Santa Fe

This new Hyundai Santa Fe is not just about looks; it's brimming with standout features. Its sleek design, combined with its impressive functionality and cutting-edge safety features, ensures a memorable experience for everyone on board.

What’s new on the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe?

The 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe brings a fresh take on luxury, adaptability, and contemporary design. Its longer wheelbase offers notably more room for passengers, especially in the third row, distinguishing it from other vehicles in its class.


The moment you see the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe, its refreshed design captures your attention. This model presents a departure from its predecessors, exuding confidence with features like an elevated hood, unique H-shaped headlights, and robust fenders. The Hyundai emblem gracefully fits into the front design, and the striking LEDs ensure the Santa Fe stands out on the road. Its side silhouette is enhanced by a longer wheelbase, smooth lines, and eye-catching 21-inch wheels, giving it a memorable stance.

Moving to the rear, the Santa Fe offers a broad tailgate that spans nearly the entire back, making it convenient to access the roomy cargo area. Echoing the front's design, the H-shaped taillights provide a cohesive look throughout. And with color choices ranging from the classic Phantom Black and Serenity White Pearl to the vibrant Terracotta Orange and Rockwood Green Pearl, the Santa Fe impresses from every angle.

2024 Hyundai Santa Fe Exterior


When you enter the new Santa Fe, you're immediately greeted by a blend of thoughtful design and innovative features. The interior design strikes a balance between horizontal and vertical elements, complementing the Santa Fe's rugged exterior. This design choice not only mirrors the SUV's external look but also enhances the feeling of space and flexibility inside.

Thanks to its longer wheelbase, the latest Santa Fe offers an unmatched combination of roominess and luxury. One of its remarkable features is the ability of the second and third rows to fold flat, transforming the back into a spacious area perfect for outdoor adventures, further complemented by the wider tailgate access. Throughout the cabin, sustainable materials have been thoughtfully used, resulting in soft-touch surfaces from the roof to the floor and even the seat upholstery.

The Santa Fe's interior is all about maximizing space. There's a noticeable increase in legroom, especially in the second and third rows. The third row, in particular, sets it apart from others, with the added ceiling height being a game-changer. For the standard gasoline model, legroom has been expanded by 35 mm, totaling 1,075 mm, while the hybrid variant enjoys a 20 mm boost, reaching 1,055 mm. The third-row legroom has been extended by 15 mm, offering a comfortable 761 mm. Additionally, the headspace in the third row has been generously increased by 69 mm, measuring up to 958 mm, and the seating position is raised by 30 mm. Moreover, passengers in the back can now enjoy a more relaxed journey with the enhanced recline angle of the rear seats.

2024 Hyundai Santa Fe Trunk


Interior of 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe

Unique Features

The Santa Fe truly shines when it comes to its technological offerings. It introduces unique features like the UV-C Sterilization Tray, perfect for sanitizing everyday items on the go. Its expansive Panoramic Curved Display combines a 12.3-inch digital dashboard with the multimedia system centre display, making it a breeze to navigate through the myriad of connectivity and entertainment options. Plus, the intuitive 6.6-inch touch-responsive climate control panel streamlines temperature settings. For those choosing the six-seater model, they'll enjoy power-adjustable second-row seats, complete with armrests and an innovative fold-and-dive mechanism, ensuring top-notch comfort.

Delving further, the Santa Fe boasts the Dual Access Multi-Console storage, conveniently reachable from both front and rear seats. The Digital Center Mirror becomes a vital tool for drivers, especially when the rear view is blocked or during nighttime, enhancing visibility. Contemporary features like the rapid dual wireless phone charging pad and several USB-C ports are thoughtfully added.

Technology of 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe

Safety & Navigation

Prioritizing safety and driver assistance, the Santa Fe benefits from continuous over-the-air updates. The Digital Key 2 is a standout, allowing users to enter, start, and even remotely connect to the vehicle using their mobile devices, thanks to the integration of NFC, BLE, and UWB technologies. What's more, you can grant vehicle access to friends and family, letting them use their phones for entry. The radar-driven Rear Occupant Alert ensures drivers always remember passengers when leaving the vehicle. To support the driver, systems like Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist 2, Lane Following Assist 2, and the advanced Driver Attention Warning have been integrated. There's also a Driver Monitoring System that keeps an eye on the driver’s attention and can be invaluable in the event of a health emergency or warn of potential signs of drowsiness.

To further enhance the driving experience, the Santa Fe incorporates features like Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control 2 and Highway Driving Assist 2, providing a touch of autonomous driving capability. These are paired with a range of additional safety tools, including the Surround View Monitor, Remote Smart Parking Assist, and Safe Exit Assist system.

New Versions

The 2024 Santa Fe is set to redefine what buyers typically expect from a midsize SUV. At the same time, it brings together thoughtful features designed to make every drive more enjoyable. While holding onto the core qualities that have made the Santa Fe a favorite, this model elevates them, offering enhanced style, safety, connectivity, and flexibility.


The 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe will offer multiple options the hood, starting with its standard turbocharged four-cylinder engine. For those looking for efficiency without sacrificing power, there's also a hybrid option on the table. The main model comes equipped with a robust 2.5-litre turbocharged gasoline engine, delivering a solid 277 horsepower and 311 pound-feet of torque. On the other hand, the hybrid variant pairs a 1.6-litre turbo gasoline engine with an electric motor, offering a harmonious blend of performance and fuel efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions about the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe

The 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe will arrive on the market in the first half of 2024.

The 2024 Santa Fe pricing details have yet to be announced. However, the starting price should be similar to the current model which starts at $37,999 while the hybrid version should start at under $50,000.

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